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Vegan. Not Gross. Im a huge fan of Miller, and when I began writing this column, I knew I wanted to try adapting one of her recipes to a rice cooker. Unlike most of the recipes in her book, which, as the title says, are mostly raw, her sweet potato curry lends itself quite well to being cooked in a rice cooker. The most difficult part of the recipe for me was actually getting all of the vegetables cut. As it turns out, butter knives arent the best utensils for dicing up rigid root vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots. Having said that, dorm chefs shouldnt rush down to Sur La Table to pick up a pricey chefs knife. A butter knife from Target will work fine; its just a bit of a struggle to get a clean cut. Or better yet, students can buy precut vegetables from grocery stores like Trader Joes or Whole Foods Market that make knife work obsolete. I havent found precut sweet potatos yet, but I have found onions, carrots and aromatics like ginger and garlic sold chopped up and prepackaged. Similar to last weeks cheesecake, its important to watch the settings on the rice cooker.

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